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Let us protect your internet experience.

What do we offer?

Many people do not understand what a VPN is or how it can protect them and make their internet experience better.

At WiredVPN we strive to help users get the most out of their internet experience, while staying protected at the same time. It is important to stay protected while browsing, streaming, downloading, making purchases online, and more.

Our service was initially made to meet the needs of Kodi users. It was becoming apparent that Kodi users needed a solution to protect themselves from ISP blocking, and surveillance of their internet usage when downloading, streaming, and browsing. While we are the first VPN provider to have our own Kodi add-on, we have also expanded our offering to provide VPN security on all devices including iOS devices, Android tablets/set top boxes, Linux set top boxes,Windows, Mac devices and more.

Recent policy and legal changes around the world have made users vulnerable and exposed when using the internet. We don't want you to be exposed to any threats brought forth by internet surveillance. Protect your internet experience and your Kodi experience today. Buy a membership at